Moto Miashi

Mysterious sorceress with a single goal of reuniting with her brothers


Moto Miasha


Damaran- tawny skin tone, green eyes, long brown hair kept up, fire symbol burned on her forehead, 5’4" 125 lbs.


Personality- Stoic face in all situations, feel empathy towards people who have lost family members

Ideal- Free Thinking

Bond- Strong connection to those with strong love towards family and kin.

Flaw- Being taken away from the world as a teenage girl I am easily distracted from my goal now that I have returned to experience the world.

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Smuggling skills
Health: 9
AC: 12
Speed: 30 feet


18 Cha (4)
17 Con (
15 Dex (2)
12 Str (
11 Int (0)
10 Wis (

Light crossbow
20 bolts
Explorer’s pack
Arcane Focus-quarterstaff (Jua)

A winter blanket
Common clothes

Tool Proficiencies: Carpenters tools


Fire Bolt
Dancing Lights

1st Level Spells:
Burning Hands
Fog Cloud

Spell Slots:
1st: 2

Wild Magic Surge
Tides of Chaos


Moto Miasha grew up a strong independent young lady in a small village, Chiwit. Her father was a respected entrepreneur and the best craftsman in the village. While her mother was her role model as the head of the villages police force. Moto trained here and there when she got suddenly motivated or just bored. When would she need to ever fight? She was fifteen years old in a small village that had a functioning police force. Umeme and Ngumi were her two younger brothers. People called Moto the Sun with her twin Moon brothers. She smiled and said, “how cute!” even though she knew that was wrong. A moon reflects the light from a sun and her brothers were her inspiration for everything. One time Ngumi told Umeme he couldn’t throw a rock from one side of the river to the other. After three days Umeme found a way to skip the rock across the water and land on the other side. To this day Ngumi says he cheated but all the time they spent playing Moto drew the river and the skipping stone and the trees and sun. It was a beautiful painting that she was praised for. Another time Umeme told Ngumi he couldn’t move a giant boulder just outside the village. It took Ngumi almost two weeks but he dug completely under the bolder and with a slight tap it rolled for a few feet. Umeme won’t admit that Ngumi bested him but Moto saw this and with the help of her father created a chute system for disposing waste. The village hailed Moto as a genius but she knew her success was all because she had her brothers. In reality she was was the moon reflecting the light of her two brothers. Two suns and one moon. It seemed wrong and out of place but yet the three of them were an unstoppable team. Umeme the boy genius, Ngumi the muscle, and Moto the leader. But unfortunately nothing good can last.

Arcane Events. Thats what the village had started calling them. Lately they’ve been happening a lot with no signs of slowing down. Rumors spread that the kingdom was coming to recruit reinforcements from every village. They wouldn’t take our police and leave us defenseless would they? Would they just take the men and leave the women and children. Moto feared for Mother and Father but she knew that she would keep her brothers safe even if she didn’t have her parents help. Moto was a lazy child usually waking up mid morning when the birds just wouldn’t leave her alone but this morning she awoke to a terrifying sound. The march of two dozen soilders. She knew they were soilders because the metal of there suits were so loud. She looked out her window, they were gathered in the center square with a crowd amassing. Ten soldiers. Six marched in front and the other four carried a medium-sized litter. Probably just a general to keep everyone in line. Her brothers stood behind her trying not to let tears come to there eyes. Moto decided it would be better to stay up here for now. Ten minutes passed. Twenty. Thirty. A man in the crowd grew restless, “Are you gonna tell us who you’re taking or do you like watching us sweat!” He spat at the litter. A calm young voice came from the litter, “I apologize but I just can’t decide.” The crowd was shocked and confused. Couldn’t decide? What meaning came from these words? “Maybe you all can aid my decision. You see my officer has only allowed me to take one person per village so I need to pick very carefully. There’s two people here that have a unique aura, just the type we’re looking for, and I simply can’t decide.” The crowd stood with jaws dropped. They still didn’t understand what was happening. Why come all this way for one person if you didn’t even know who it was? “Well thank you for your detailed opinions on the matter, well now” the man seemed annoyed but immediately calmed down, “I speak directly to you two then. Which one should I take?” Moto felt cold all of a sudden. Suddenly Ngumi spoke out, “why’d he stop talking?” Moto felt like she’d be shot. Her brothers didn’t hear the man … that means he was talking to. “What do you mean Ngumi?” said Umeme calmly. Oh great Arffurr please no. If Moto and Umeme could hear the last part but Ngumi couldn’t. “Stay here!” Moto shouted at her brothers. She ran down the stairs and out the door knocking down a bottle in her hurry. The door to her house flew open and the crowd started and Moto. The man spoke, “Looks like they’ve made my decision for me.” Motos parents ran towards their daughter but the soldiers blocked them. They didn’t know why Moto had chosen to go. In fact only Umeme probably figured it out but of course that means he shared it with Ngumi. They were so kind to each other. She smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek.

They marched for a day then rested then marched another. Moto struggled to keep up and multiple times had to rest for a moment before she could continue. The group stopped and waited but surprisingly she was not beaten, forced to move, or even scolded for stopping so often. They waited almost politely for Moto to be ready and then they marched on. On the third day they reached a decently sized camp. There were more soldiers and three big tents in the back. One of which the litter that had accompanied Moto fled towards immediately. Time to think. So. They want to gather renforcments for the battles against other kingdoms for the arcanes. They went to every village and hand selected one person? Seems an awfully large task for such a small payout. There’s mostly kids and young adults. Some sort of training? But what kind? There’s no way I can become a soldier I’m not strong enough. Stealth groups? No that wouldn’t make sense. “Hey you would you snap out of it already!” A soldier was shaking her. “Common are ya weak in the ears or something you’re the one we’re all waiting on.” Moto just noticed everyone, soldier and villagers, had grouped up near the three tents. “I’m sorry” Moto started. “Not necessary nor important. Lets go.” Moto followed the soldier with a feeling growing inside her. She felt almost welcomed.

She assumed she’d be treated like a prisoner or a tool but so far this wasn’t the case. She reached the crowd and the soldier left her side and joined the others. Two men stood before the group and the third was exiting his tent. The third man joined the other two. They exchanged greetings and the man who was late adressed the soldiers. The man left with the soldiers leaving the two men with the group of confused villagers. The first man began, “I would like to thank you for your cooperation and patience. The emporer believed we would have trouble recruiting this squad but I’ll be overjoyed to tell him that there were no incidents.” Moto was so conflicted about feeling safe with all these stangers. It had to be a trick. The second man continued, “As of the moment you were selected you had no choice in coming so before we depart we wish to answer any questions we can for you.” Murmuring through the crowd. One man stepped forward, “How long will we be away from our families?” “After you complete training your families may visit you whenever you are not currently deployed. Traing will be a matter of mastery rather than time though so I can not give an exact answer.” Moto stiffened, why were they being so co-operative. As far as she could see they had no reason to. A small girl stepped forward, “I’m not strong I can’t be a soldier what do you want with me?” The second man answered this time, “You all were chosen for a reason that you are not currently aware of and is unique to each of you. During training this will become more obvious.” Another calm answer and yet Moto still couldn’t shake this concern of hers. More questions more answers and soon it seemed as if everyone was almost content with going. But Moto wasn’t, she was still uneasy. The third man walked back without the soldiers and said that he was ready to go. “Well Dimitri we’re done as well.” Replied the first. The second man followed up, “Yes it seems everyone is content with our answers.” The man they called Dimitri scanned the crowd. “Almost everyone.” Dimitri flowed through the crowd until he stood in front of Moto, “You have a question that you haven’t asked. Please feel free to share it with us so we may put your unease to rest.” Still so calm, but did Moto really have a question? She just felt concerned. Moto looked up to Dimitri, “When one of you came to my village you couldn’t decide between me and my broter. How do I make sure you don’t go back for him?” Dimitri answered as calmly as the other two, “Don’t be useless to us and we won’t have a reason to use him over you.” Moto looked down. She now understood. They had no intention of filling any of these people with relief. They filled us all with drive. With motivation. They gave us all a reason to not turn our backs. Dimitri returned to the other two, “Not a bad group you two. I see quite a few exceptional candidates.” The three of them turned away from the crowd and lowered their voices, “Dimitri do you think we can really trust all of them.” Dimitri smiled, “We don’t have to, and I’d expect you to know that since that little girl was able to figure it out.” Dimitri returned to his tent. The other two stood shocked for a moment but eventually went to there respective tents. The next morning they marched on towards the kingdom and no one spoke a word until they arrived.

Moto spent the next five years in the kingdom training her abilities. Everything was kept from her. Her development was never explained, her purpose was never assigned, and her progress was never shown. One day though the normal routine was broken and she was lead to a new room. There was a staff there. About five feet tall made from twisted gold and quite plain looking except a red crystal that it held at the top. She picked up the staff and the crystal glowed as flash of light blinded her. When the light subsided her forehead ached. The glass at the end of the room showed a mark to symbolize fire was burned into her forehead. They decided she was finally ready. Moto closed her eyes and a tear started to roll down her cheek as she remembered her brothers but before it would twist down her chin the tear burned up.


Moto opened her eyes and stared into the crystal.


Moto Miashi

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